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Restoration Contractor

Oregon Builders & Restoration has nearly 30 years of restoration contractor experience. We will help calm your nerves and take the burden off your shoulders. We will assess the damage, work with the insurance companies, and, most importantly, reassure the homeowner after a devastating event.

Why use a qualified and licensed restoration contractor?

In a disaster situation, it’s important to use an experienced and licensed contractor. Not only will they know all the current processes for dealing with restoration, but will have the tools to take on the job. In addition, experienced restoration contractors understand the insurance side of the equation, taking on as much of the paperwork as possible, allowing the homeowner a little peace of mind during the ordeal.

Fire Restoration Oregon City OR

Oregon Builders & Restoration will secure the premises, clear the area of debris, remove personal items, and rebuild the structure. We will also handle permits and insurance paperwork, and work with local officials. We want to make sure the homeowner can concentrate on the healing process.

Water Restoration Oregon City OR

A home damaged by flood or burst plumbing can be just as dramatic. While the structure still stands, a flooded home can be just as devastating and can cripple a home. Oregon Builders & Restoration will secure the water source (if applicable), extract the water, and dry the home out. Then the rebuilding begins.

Mold Restoration Oregon City OR

Left unchecked, mold can cause many health concerns, including coughing, skin irritation, and in some cases, respiratory illness. Caused by moisture, Oregon Builders & Restoration will identify where and why the mold outbreak occurred and mitigate the problem. A single room or an entire attic can be affected and we can take care of either.

Wind Restoration Oregon City OR

Happening in an instant, a fallen branch – or entire tree – can rip through a home. Oregon Builders & Restoration will remove the tree, make sure the structure is stabilized, and then begin the restoration process on the house and any other structure that was affected.

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