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Fire Damage Restoration Contractor

Fire Damage Restoration

Roof Damaged by Fire

Portland OR – Oregon City OR – Tualatin OR

For more than a quarter of a century, Oregon Builders & Restoration worked as a fire damage restoration company. Over the years, we have learned how to best work with both homeowners and insurance companies to achieve the best results.

For the past five years, we have focused mainly on home remodeling, but our experience allows us to turn your restoration job into a remodeling project as well.

This knowledge sets us apart from other fire damage restoration and home remodeling companies. Fire damage restoration companies secure the home after the fire, clean up, and try to replicate what was once there. On the other hand, remodelers change floor plans and bring in new design elements, but don’t have the experience to secure the site after a blaze.

Oregon Builders & Restoration is unique in that we do both. It’s difficult enough to know what to do when a fire destroys your home without having to deal with multiple contractors and insurance companies.

We take care of both jobs and act as a conduit between the homeowner and insurance company, and all local and state building departments. We also provide this service for water restoration, mold restoration, and wind restoration.

Fireline Systems, Inc. Trained and Certified

Fireline Systems, Inc., trained and certified, Oregon Builders & Restoration has perfected their process when it comes to dealing with the restoration process. Fireline Systems, Inc., is an industry leader in restoration, its methodology refined over a 10 year period. Restorers who implement the Fireline Systems process see a measurable increase in efficiency and production.

What is the Fireline Systems, Inc. approach?

The Fireline Approach turns the restoration process into an assembly line of efficiency. Damaged materials are packed out, personal items are cleaned and restored, and the structure is rebuilt. All local and state building departments as well as insurance agents and adjusters are in constant contact. This process smooths the way for a completed project while relieving any undue pressure on the homeowner.

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