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Mold Damage Restoration Contractor

Mold Damage Restoration

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Faulty plumbing and flooding can cause mold to appear in your home which will require mold damage restoration. If your walls, attic, or basement have seen water damage, mold could become a problem down the road, causing health problems for your family.

Indoor mold can cause a range of issues for some people, including throat irritation, coughing, eye or skin irritation, and even respiratory illness in otherwise healthy children. The longer mold is allowed to grow in your home, the symptoms will only get worse.

How Mold Can Damage Your Home

Molds are found nearly everywhere, both in the air and on many surfaces. If allowed to grow, mold will grow throughout the home, affecting carpeting, walls, sub-flooring, and other housing materials. The longer the mold is untreated, the more damage it can create. The only way to get rid of the mold is through mold damage restoration.

Often appearing as spots, mold can come in different colors and will have a musty smell. Left unchecked, mold will cover entire walls, attics, and ceilings.

Facts About Mold in the Portland OR Area

Mold Damage

A damp environment is a perfect breeding ground for mold, and any instances of moisture should be dealt with immediately. In the Portland metro area, three seasons of rain can create many pockets of moisture.

Once mold is discovered it’s important to pinpoint the cause and perform water damage restoration. It might have been caused by a leak in the roof, improperly sealed windows, or open gaps in the foundation where utilities have been brought in.

In the case of a flood, moisture can be trapped in drywall and wood studs/subflooring of your home. Even if the surfaces feel dry, the moisture can still be inside the materials.

What to do When You Notice Mold in Your Home

Severe Mold Damage

Small instances of mold can be cleaned up with commercial products, soap and water, or a properly mixed bleach solution. After the mold has been cleaned, find where the moisture problem has occurred and take the appropriate preventative steps.

However, if the mold has been able to grow over a large surface, a more thorough water damage restoration may need to take place. Oregon Builders & Restoration has been restoring homes for nearly 30 years and will quickly assess the problem, remove the mold, and rebuild the affected areas.

A mold problem is not just a physical problem in the home, it can also be a health issue in your family. If mold is present, call Oregon Builders & Restoration to make sure your family is safe and your home is sound. We can also help with fire restoration, wind restoration, and water restoration.

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