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Water Damage Restoration Contractor

Water Damage Restoration

Portland OR – Oregon City OR – Tualatin OR

Leaks in the roof, faulty plumbing, or even flooding may require water damage restoration services. If the leaks are allowed to continue, or you do not remove the water, the moisture can lead to mold or even weaken the structure itself.

Oftentimes, a skilled contractor will need to remove drywall, wall studs, and even joists. That’s where we come in – Oregon Builders & Restoration will secure the leaks, dry the home, and help you design the remodel.

How Water Damage Affects Homes

Leaky pipes, condensation in the attic, or small holes in the roofing can all cause water damage. Any and all of these can affect electrical wiring, drywall, and studs in walls. As the water begins to accumulate, many other building materials may suffer as well, including sub-flooring, joists, ceilings and floor coverings.

Additionally, too much moisture in the bathroom can cause dry rot. This can weaken the floor beneath the bathtub. A leaky roof can weaken a ceiling to the point of collapse. Mold is an ever-present problem that can occur where there is pooling water. This too will require water damage restoration.

In severe cases, such as a burst water main in the home or excessive water runoff after heavy rains, the water damage restoration can be more extensive. Water runoff can bring heavy mud with it, which can damage doors and windows and even make its way into the home.

Facts About Water Damage in the Portland OR Area

Skyline of Portland OR and Mt Hood

The Portland, OR, area is no stranger to rain. The Columbia River tributaries are known to reach flood levels in the Fall and Spring. The combination of rain and melting snow can be a deadly combination, especially in the Willamette Valley and lower Columbia River areas.

Portland averages around 40 inches of rain a year, although outlying regions can receive more. Depending on the snowpack from the previous winter, the amount of water in rivers and streams can be potentially dangerous and destructive.

This saturation can cause landslides as well. Landslides can be particularly harmful, blocking roadways for cars and railroad tracks. Additionally, a mountain of mud resting against your home can cause problems with the foundation and siding.

If your property is affected by water damage, fire damage, mold damage, or wind damage contact Oregon Builders & Restoration today and we can help you get your home back in order.

What to do when your home is damaged by water

Industrial Fans Drying Water Damage

The most important thing you can do when water damage occurs is to start cleanup immediately. The longer water is allowed to pool, the more extensive the damage. If an overflowing sink is leaking into the floor below, turning off the faucet and drying all the surfaces is an easy solution.
However, if an unchecked leaky roof has been causing damage for six months, more extensive work is needed. In low-traffic areas, like an attic or basement, damage may be irreversible and restoration is the only solution. Rotting timbers, an influx of mold, and compromised insulation additionally affect the safety of the home.

If water has damaged your home and made it unsafe to live in, contact Oregon Builders & Restoration. With nearly 30 years of experience in the restoration field, we can estimate the repairs, work with insurance companies, and return your home to you as soon as possible.

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