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Wind Damage Restoration Contractor

Wind Damage Restoration

Wind Damaged Roof

Portland OR – Oregon City OR – Tualatin OR

Wind damage restoration insurance situations has become a smaller part of the services Oregon Builders & Restoration offers.

In fact, Kitchen remodels and bathroom remodels are our core business. However, there are times when we can consult with a homeowner who is dealing with large amounts of wind damage.

For instance, if a large tree has split a home in two, we can survey the situation, remove the tree, and secure the premises. This would work in tandem as part of a larger home remodeling job. With 25 years experience dealing with insurance companies, Oregon Builders & Restoration knows how to work with adjusters, and relieve homeowners of that additional stress.

There are a few other instances where we can help out a homeowner in a bind. For example, if we need to complete emergency services because the homeowner is unable to get a referral from their insurance company. By and large, though, Oregon Builders & Restoration will only deal with wind damage, fire damage, mold restoration, or water damage as it relates to a larger remodeling project.

Damage caused by severe weather in the Portland OR area

With the amount of rain the Portland, OR, area gets in any given spring, winter, and fall, ground saturation can affect trees in an adverse way. Dirt around the root systems of a tree can be loosened if it is holding too much water, making larger trees less secure in a strong wind. Additionally, branches heavy with rain or snow and ice become more susceptible in heavy winds.

Storm and Wind Damage Prevention Tips

Tree Trimming

There are some steps you can take to prevent storm damage. Some of the easiest to do are securing outdoor furniture and patio supplies. For example, a lawn umbrella can become a projectile in a stiff wind. You should also anchor down tables and chairs, or even move them to a shed or garage.

Keep your home safe by cutting back any trees away from your home. If they are dead or decaying, remove them. Large branches that overhang a roof or patio covering should also be removed. Very large trees give an added dimension to your landscaping, but if they are dying or even dead, they can be a very real safety hazard.

Do you live in an area that is known for high-gusting winds every year? Look into storm shutters for your windows, french doors and sliding glass doors. This step can protect the doors or windows themselves as well as property inside the house. A strong gust can damage your property if a flying branch blows out a window.

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