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ADA Remodeling Contractor

ADA Remodeling

ADA Remodeling Contractor Oregon City ORPortland OR – Oregon City OR – Tualatin OR

“Aging in Place” is a popular term today as an increasing number of homeowners plan to stay in their homes well after retirement. For many, there are no plans to ever move again. But, as they age, their homes need to accommodate any changes in their lifestyle.

Retirement homes, apartments, and other types of housing follow ADA guidelines to make sure those with disabilities are able to enter, use, and exit a complex. Many seniors are using those same guidelines to build or remodel their homes. These guidelines can also apply to younger people with mobility issues and veterans with disabilities that affect their movement.

Our Approach to ADA Modifications

ADA Bathroom Remodel Oregon City OR
Many of these modifications aren’t given a second thought by the able-bodied. But even a one-inch of threshold can cause a problem for someone using a walker or wheelchair. Other daily routines – such as trying to turn a doorknob – can cause problems for someone with a disability.

ADA Compliant Bathroom Remodel

Many changes need to take place in a bathroom to make it ADA accessible. Countertops and vanities all need to be lowered or at least adjustable to various heights. Sinks should be open underneath to allow room for a wheelchair and the bathroom floorplans need to accommodate both walkers and wheelchairs.

Other ADA changes to be considered:

  • Grip bars around the toilet and in the shower
  • Lower bathtub for easy access
  • Curbless shower
  • Shower seat and handheld or adjustable showerheads
  • Automatic soap dispensers
  • Slip-resistant flooring

ADA Kitchen Remodel Oregon City OREven if the current resident is able-bodied, these changes can be considered now, especially if they are thinking about aging in place. Many of the additions will have little affect on how an able-bodied homeowner uses it now, but will pay dividends in the future.

ADA Compliant Kitchen Remodel

As in the bathroom, there are many changes that can be made today to your kitchen to plan for tomorrow without altering your current lifestyle. Adjustable upper cabinets will work for those able to stand, as well as those who can’t. An oven that opens to the side instead of down is another example of a change that works for everybody.

Other changes include:

  • Adjustable countertops/workstations
  • Extra room between cabinets and island
  • Base cabinets with roll out trays
  • Easy to access appliance
  • Raised dishwasher
  • Loop handles for easy grip and pull


Being able to grow old in your home is the dream for many homeowners, and Oregon Builders & Restoration can remodel your home to allow you or your loved one to do just that. Contact Oregon Builders & Restoration for a free ADA consultation.

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